Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Plight of the Democratic Candidate

No, I'm not bashing Democrats unfairly. This is one place that the Republicans have never been hypocritical. They're richer, they're happy about it and they don't apologize for it. The Dem's on the other hand... not so much. Here's part of an article you can find on John Edwards

"The problem now facing the Democratic presidential candidate is whether the pileup of headlines, including the latest regarding hefty fees from university speeches reported Monday by The Chronicle, threatens to obliterate Edwards' dominant campaign theme. The former senator, who has been portrayed as the champion of the poor and the son of a humble mill worker, now faces the possibility that voters will have a different image: that of a millionaire trial lawyer who talks one way and lives another.

With months to go before the first primaries and caucuses, the growing perception about Edwards highlights a danger of modern presidential campaigns: In the 24/7 media environment, a few maelstroms of unconnected and unexpected headlines and images can quickly gather momentum and morph into a political storm that obliterates even a carefully crafted strategy and message.

"It's outrageous. He's trying to come off as Mr. Populist and Mr. 'I'm trying to help the poor,' and he charges $55,000 for a speaking fee? That's ridiculous,'' says Dick Rosengarten, Los Angeles-based publisher of the California Political Week newsletter. "Combined with the haircut, who's in charge of this guy's campaign? What are they thinking?'' "

And thus the plight of every Democratic candidate - how do we make believe that we really care about the poor - but still enjoy our millionaire lifestyles? (For reference - see my MA senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy..)

Aww - John, nobody believes you? No kidding!