Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well - I never said I would blog this regularly. So, I haven't.

In short - yesterday on a scale of 1 to 10 owed me points. It sucked, plain and simple. One of those days when you easily enter into the realm of despair. Having said that - even when in a dark night of the soul - I still have hope. I know some people that are Christians think that you shouldn't be able to go there if you're "saved." Horse hockey. Last I remember Jesus had a pretty bad night too.

And, speaking of that, by acknowledging that I was having a bad day I am NOT speaking negatively. I am not speaking that into existence. Damn fool name and claim it positive thinking crap. Sure, I am a positive thinker. I'm even a positive believer. And, I'm sure that with the force that created the universe behind me I can make it through and do anything! But I repeat - because I'm not just ignoring the situation, because I acknowledged the type of day it was - it is not a negative confession.

Sorry - didn't mean to go there, but I guess it happens.

So anyway, yesterday sucked. Is everything that was an issue yesterday perfect today? No. But today doesn't suck and for lots of reasons.

Speaking of yesterday. Getting home, wiped out as I was, was still a great event. I walk in the door and Chloe just comes screaming (literally) around the corner "daaaaddddyyyy!!!!" Then proceded to make me play with her and give her airplane rides, with my special twist :-) The airplane hits turbulance and I throw her over my head onto the couch and tickle her into submission :-)

It's always great seeing the chicks. Some days they can be loud, some days they can annoy me - especially when they're just whatever - but on all days they make me smile. Including - and specifically my biggest girl... my wife Shanna. She is the one that can bring the biggest smile and also drive me the most nuts ;)

Well. I made it through the day anyway. Really. Dark night of the soul. But I still made it. Chances are you will too. Lots of faith, lots of love and lots of grace. It really works :)

See ya.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Welcome to the Dark Side

Yup. This is my dark side - or at least as dark as I can get. Most people in the blogosphere or podosphere know me as the jocular and fun loving host of a podcast. People at work know me as a pleasant, if not insistant, PM and ID. People at the church know me as a leader. You get to know me here.

Funny thing this is. I've never done just the personal blog. Always a topic. Mac, viruses, podcasting, whatever. Sure, I've talked about the wife and kids, I've mentioned things, but never really blogged me. Well, this is it.

No varnish, no trying to decide if I'm going to write in third person. Who knows, I might even swear at some point. Not that I don't think it mind you - I do. I'm always trying to bring that side of me in line though. Allowing for God's holiness to sweep it away. Problem is, I'm a human being and I'm not perfect and sometimes my thought is just screw it. GASP! There you go. See. Will I drop an F-bomb? If I did, would I still be a good Christian? Damn, there's a tough question.

So, what's this got to do with being a metro-sexual dad? EVERYTHING. This is what's roiling under my primped and perfectly ironed exterior. Regardless of what color my hair is, whatever, this is what goes on.

This blog is about what I want. I'm not promising a format, daily postings or anything. I'll rant when I want to, get ticked off - and even get "holy." Want to stop in? More power to you.

Ok. So I've just about exhausted my dark side. Really, at least for today. I guess the large part of rage and anger that I started with 23 years ago on my journey (now I'm 44 at looking at 45 in less than 2 months) is mostly gone. So, when I'm not ranting, I'll be funny. Or maybe I'll be funny and rant. Whatever.

So. I'm metro. The term was invented for me. Do you know what kind of burden that is? Honestly. I get women at work that ask me what they should wear to an event. I talk with the chicks about the opening of the nearest Sephora. If you aren't a female - do you even know what Sephora is? Damn you Rhet Butler! I know you're lying.

But why "confessions" - well, because I'm talking about what it's like to be metro in a decidedly neanderthal world. My word. the way some males dress - it is positively primodial. And no, I'm probably not going to spell check either - just figure the words out or comment with the correct spelling - maybe I'll make the edit.

That's all for now. There's your taste. I'm in black, and it's not just because I'm fashionable!