Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What does every Apple Fan Man Want? A PED!

OK. Maybe that should be "What accessory does every Apple Fan Man that wants an iPhone want to go with it? But, that was too long for the title. The answer is still the same though, a PED3 iPhone stand!

One of the things I hate is having to leave my iPod lying on the desk. And honestly, as much as I love Apple design, the dock is a *little* uninspired. Thus I think this PED3 Rotating iPhone Stand would be the bomb. What do you think?

It's sleek, it's sexy, it makes people drool when they see it. (that would include me. Yes, this is absolutely on this metro Apple Fan boy's Christmas list. Oh honey!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yay for the Red Sox! Yay! and Sorry for Mike Lowell.

No, this isn't a delayed "hoorah!" for winning the World Series post. Though as any good New Englander should be, I'm jacked. No, this post is a "yea" for the team re-signing Mike Lowell, their World Series MVP. And, a "sorry" to Mike Lowell that he didn't hit the mega-bucks sweepstakes. Not that I'm going to cry too long for Lowell who'll be making $12 million per season. Guaranteed. Even if he breaks both legs in spring training next year and never plays another game.

But I digress. This is a Yay! for the Sox. Yay they got the guy back, keeping the middle of their order in place. Their lineup should be pretty potent again next year and the pitching will be improved.

Yay! for the Sox. They didn't spend $20 million a year and over promise on the number of years. Yay for the Sox for not bothering to go after A-Fraud, especially after that tasteless announcement by his agent during game four of the World Series.

Which brings us back to Lowell. Yay! So here's how it happened. A-Fraud announces he's opting out of his contract. What's his hope? That the $$ rich Red Sox will drive his numbers up so he can make an even more obscene amount of money for being the best regular season player in baseball. But what happened to his plan?

It breaks down this way. The Red Sox make Lowell an offer (and a nice offer, plus $3 million a year over his expiring deal) to stay in Boston. They make an offer that fits them, their need, and Lowell's age. It's a good offer. Not insane, but good. Despite the fact they know that A-Fraud is out there. Despite the fact they know the Yankees can offer big $$, they make their offer to Lowell. This kills A-Fraud.

It kills A-Fraud because he knows the Sox aren't going to pony up the $30+ million a year he wants. It kills the market for Lowell because the Yankees know that the Red Sox aren't going to (a) over pay for Lowell, or (b) over pay for A-Fraud. The Yankees make an offer, but nothing staggering. The Sox don't bite. They also don't start looking for A-Fraud. More over, everyone in New England is quite vocally saying "WE DON'T WANT A-FRAUD".

Suddenly A-Fraud realizes that he has no where to go. No place else (Angels, Mets, Braves) that can afford him is interested in what he wants. So, HE approaches the Yankees to open talks. Once the Yankees know they have A-Fraud, they take the offer for Lowell off the table. So, Lowell takes the Sox offer because he knows it's his best bet.

So, Yay! For the Sox. We've got a Gold Glove third baseman (something the Yankees can't say ;-)! Yay for Lowell! He's making $3 million a year more than he was :-D Yay! That the Yankees get stuck with the petulant, spoiled choke artist that could well be the best regular season player in the game. They deserve him!

Oh. And the Patriots are undefeated by the way. Anyone notice that?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Today we Honor

We honor those that have fought in just wars to stop power crazed dictators from taking over the world, and suffered for it the rest of their life (my father - WW II, Disabled American Veteran).

We honor those that serve their country with bravery, even in a war that is never declared (my sister-in-law and father-in-law - Vietnam).

We honor those who serve their country bravely in countries that don't even acknowledge them as equal beings - because a crazy dictator threatens a country for oil (my sister - Gulf War 1)

We honor those who serve their country with distinguished honor, seeing hell on earth, orphans injured and bloody without parents, because their commander-in-chief ordered them to do so (my brother-in-law - Serbia & Gulf War 2)

And while their may be no "just" wars, we thank the people that laid down their lives to protect our freedoms from those who sought to take over the world. (specifically those that died in WW I & II)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

WAY too Funny

I saw this when I opened my e-email this morning. Oh Lord. Please! My eyes are stinging!