Thursday, February 09, 2006

Absolutely Scary!

There is no other way I can describe it. Here I am, a respectable tax paying father of four, married for 13 years, in good standing in my local church. A Reagan Republican (converted in 1984) and suddenly I'm looking at a web site that I can't believe I'm letting my eyes see!

But before I tell you which site that was, I can tell you that I'm not ashamed. Stunned yes, ashamed no. And, I should give you a bit more background.

I started listening to a new podcast called Electric Politics ( a couple of weeks ago. Man! This guy has some of the most amazing guests you can imagine. Because of listening to his show, I've also checked out some of his blog postings as well. Because of that, I've followed some links and read up on some of his guests. And THAT was how I ended up on this completely scary site.

So, where was I?

Believe it or not, I was looking at a site that is the web presence of a magazine that Michel Moore used to edit. Can you say "unreal"? No. Please don't give any credit to that blathering idiot that makes "documentaries" that are 2% truth and 100% horse crap. Yes, there is truth, but he twists it all so badly it can barely be recognized. If anything give credit to the magazine that bounced his fat butt and got on with the rest of their lives.

And what magazine's web site was that?

Well, it was one that was featuring an interview with a guy by the name of Ray McGovern who had posted an article on the Electric Politics site. Great post by the way, especially considering it was written by a former spook and what it said. The interview I read was pretty good too. Yes, I even largely agreed with it! On this web site too.

The site I found myself reading the interview at was Mother Jones. The amazing thing was that they actually were featuring someone that isn't just a left-wing whacko that thought that Dean should have been president. That caused me to look at the site a bit more. Does this mean that some more liberal minded sites can actually look to the middle? Or was this something that was an aberation because they just liked the person's position because it helped the left?

Well, my jury is still out on that one. But I will say this. I didn't completely see all bashing of everything conservative. Which, I admit, was a change. Don't get me wrong. I didn't say they didn't bash this administration - which the longer it's in power the more bash worthy I think it is. And yes, I voted for Bush, twice. And, as scary as that is, being that I live in MA where John Kerry is my Senator, I still think that I made the right decision. I still think that Bush * could * have been a good President. At this point, unfortunately, I don't think he will be. In fact, he may be a horrible President and I'm thinking that he probably should be impeached. Given the choice today would I vote for Kerry? No. I probably would have written in a name on the ballot. But boy, does this really show the need for a third party (at least!) in our country.

At the end of the day, I recommend we all pray. Pray that we don't go into Iran, pray that this administration doesn't trash our Constitution (which it is in the process of doing - almost as badly as the New Deal did), pray that we make it through the next two years without seeing the US totally ruined. Oh, and pray for a great leader in 2008. We need one and I don't see anyone out there in either party that inspires me.


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