Thursday, January 03, 2008

@megfowler thinks everyone is a sexy geek. hrmmm.

So I thought about it (above is the thoughtful pose). Geesh, even looking like that, am I still sexy? Am I "hawt"?

Damn straight!

Sexy isn't really something that someone anoints you, it flows from who you are. It's part confidence, part personality, part look. So, if you think you're sexy, then you've gone a long way along the road to being sexy. (note: if you're a gross, un-hygienic, ignorant pig however I can assure you that more than likely few people will find you sexy. So, shape up!)

Additionally, virtually everyone can find completely different attributes sexy! So, between you feeling sexy and others finding different attributes sexy, chances are (exceptions noted above) you're sexy! w00t!

Now, is sexy always classically pretty? Not always. But who cares? I mean heck, one of my buddies and I had a long running debate on which of Charlie's Angels (Jaclyn, Cheryl Ladd and Kate whatever her name was) was the prettiest. Obviously they were all attractive and there are some people that can almost universally be considered attractive. But does that mean that to be sexy you've got to *be* one of those people?

Hell NO!

So, whoever you are, wherever you are, ROCK who you are and daggumit you're all sexy!

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