Sunday, January 21, 2007


I'll admit it, I'm still numb. It's two hours later and I still want to hurl. What was the devastating event? The Patriots loss to the Colts. I know, I'm a bit too tied into my team (he writes as he sits here wearing the official NFL on the field version of a Pats jersey - gotten on eBay by the way for a tenth of the "proshop" cost) you might be thinking - and you could be right. I think I'm more just a little to spoiled by their success.

I'm not going to break down the game, I'm not going to mention that they had the opportunity to put their foot on the Colts throat and crush them in the second quarter -and they didn't. I'm not going to mention that the D was huge in the third quarter TWICE getting the Colts off the field. I'm not going to mention that Reche Caldwell, who had a really good season CHOKED when he didn't catch a ball he was wide open for on the sideline that would have lead to a first down or more. I'm not going to even think about the fact that the Pats got called for the fracking STUPIDEST penalty - 12 men in the huddle - to start a critical drive at 3:39 left in the game. A drive on which they gained more than 10 yards - but couldn't pick up the first down that would have just about clinched the game for them. Nope, I'm not going to do it.

What I will do is say that this is a game the Pats should have won - and they didn't. I'll say it was a good effort, in fact a gutty one by the D - a unit that was cramping and exhausted after a punishing game last week against the Chargers. I'll say that I'm thrilled for Tony Dungy who is a class guy that got shafted in Tampa - I hope that he wins the whole ball of wax. Sorry, I can't root for the Bears though I like Lovie Smith. Rex Grossman is just too much of an idiot for me to root for. Not that I'm a Peyton Manning fan - I"m not, I try but I just can't like the guy - but I really like Dungy - so for that reason I hope the Colts win (which it kills me to say, but it's not like I'm saying I hope that the Steelers win).

So, that's the end of the season. I'll be looking forward to the combine then the draft. Hmmm, it seems I remember something else that happens in February... something about pitchers and catchers - nah, can't be important, it isn't football. Here's to next year.

Go Patriots!

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