Saturday, January 20, 2007

NFL Analysts are LAME - Patriots Will WIN

And when I say lame, I don't mean an mp3 encoder. I'm saying they all are lame. I've just got done watching 2 days of national sports analysts give their opinion of who is going to win the AFC Championship game. Not ONE of them gave a legitimate reason - but they still picked the Colts to win. Horse-hockey.

Listen, I don't care if someone picks the Colts to win if they can give me some reasons, but NONE of these guys have! They've all just said, I'm taking the Colts because they're at home and they can't keep loosing to the Patriots. Or... "It's Peyton's time." WTF? What the hell kind of reasons are those for picking a team?

The Colts defense has had two good weeks. I'm willing to give them that. But, I'm also willing to say that they faced one of the worst head coaches in the league in Herm Edwards (as much as I like the guy personally by the way). KC didn't change a single thing in their offense while the Colts brought 8 and 9 men into the box to stuff the run. Same thing against the Ravens. Better coach, but their offense has sucked all this year. They stuffed the run, again bringing 8 guys up, and essentially dared McNair to beat them. Well, being that he's a mere shadow of the QB he was 3-4 years ago he couldn't. Colts win.

Seriously. Do you think that the Pats are just going to keep running the ball if Indy keeps bringing 8 guys up? You don't think they'll start to play-action them until they stop? And what, you think that Indy's D line will get to Brady when the Chargers couldn't? You're kidding right?

Listen. I'm not saying the Colts suck. That isn't true. They are a good team and the game will be a good one. I am saying that the Pats OWN Manning in the playoffs. I am saying that it doesn't make any difference that the Pats are on the road - they've won two AFC Championship games on the road. I am saying that the fact that the game is in a dome HELPS the Pats - they're a great dome team! I am saying that the Patriots D is decidedly BETTER now than they were when Indy faced them during the regular season. Samuel is much more likely to jump a route. Sanders is now seasoned at filling in at Strong Safety for Harrison and is playing really well.

The end result? Patriots by at least 10. Am I on drugs? Only the legal stuff for sinus headaches - and that won't skew my perspective. Brady wins this being cool under pressure. The Pats D-line forces at least one turnover and they get Manning for at least one big pick. Go PATS. And you can see the date and time stamp - you know this one is on the books before the game!

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