Saturday, February 10, 2007

And there was MUCH Rejoicing!

Our good friends Steve and Rece just finished the adoption process for these two beautiful little girls. The process was long (5-6 years) because of all the corruption in the system they had been in. But boy, was it worth it. My wife Shanna and I are completely thrilled for all of them. We know those girls are getting great parents (heck, we'd let Steve and Rece take care of our kids if anything happened in a New York minute), we know they'll love their new home. We also know those two girls are going to be totally loved AND they won't be spoiled. The Bible says to rejoice with them that rejoice. Well, we're rejoicing and we're glad the two girls are here to stay. Congrats Steve & Rece!

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CoolB said...

I know it's a lil late but congrats to your friends :)