Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Logo Decision

I've had a logo for my company for about 5 years now. And usually with logos I like to stick with what I've got. In this case though, there are several reasons why I want to change it - and why I can't just start a new company. So, I've got to come up with a new logo.

Here's the old one, which worked when it was first created. GlobalSync did software for the Palm and was really into the "sync" thing.

However, now the company is going to be going more SaSS. It's not so much syncing (though as I mentioned I need to keep the name). So, at the moment I have this logo.

It's got a bit of a different vibe, but I like it's movement. I'm not saying it's the last in the line of iterations, but it's a direction.

Your thoughts?


Jonathan Trenn said...

Should you move the text a touch to the right? So it's balanced onto the thingamajig?

Caleb Chang said...

Honestly, I like the old iteration better.

From a design standpoint:

1. Is the loop on the bottom left cover of the arrow intentional?
2. I think there should be more space between the arrow & the type
3. Think the arrow is too large
4. Black outline around the arrow is overwhelming
5. The orange needs to be darker (more red) to balance out the dark blue

Pat Fauquet said...

I just commissioned one for my blog ( over I had 77 entries to choose from.

It cost me $39 to set up the contest and $100 for the prize, but I had so many that it was worth it!

Christina said...

I like where the new one is going, but the text positioning is a bit off and you might want to make the arrow more pronounced.

Wayne said...

from a non-designer's standpoint, I'd say center the text, make the background transparent (for use on anything).

MacPhilly said...

Thanks for all the feedback folks! I appreciate it. I do great UI design, but visual design is not my thing. All the recommendations are appreciated!