Monday, March 31, 2008

Who's the King? NAJA King!


OK. So, Have to tell you about this new product I just got called the NAJA King. (see picture)

The Naja King (part of the NAJA line from is a killer cool device that is a killer cool iPhone/iPod touch holder or stand that you can configure all kinds of ways. In fact, I used it this morning with my iPhone so that I could play the video of my warm up exercises.

How? Easy. This thing is TOTALLY flexible, so I created a nice wide base because I was putting it on my ironing board in the bedroom. Needed stability. BUT, because it's so configurable I also was able to make a nice long neck on it too, so I got the hight up there pretty well too.

I was excited when I saw this device because I already have the PED3 (sitting right here on my desk next to me) and I love the wide base and the rotating head where you put the iPhone/iPod Touch. The NAJA King I think is even cooler though because you can configure it for almost anywhere, adjust height. I mean, it's REALLY cool. I haven't tried this yet, but you can even loop it around you neck and prop it on your chest so you can watch your iPhone/iPod Touch on the train without having to hold it up the whole time. Damn - come to think of it, I could do that in bed too. SWEET!

OK. So that's it. Check it out here: I'm telling you, you're gonna want one!

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