Friday, July 14, 2006

Man, Have I got a rash (continued)

So, having determined that I've got this lovely rash, now I have to see if I can get it dealt with. So far nothing topical is working, including hydrocortizine, triple-antibacterial and some other thing that was prescribed for a different rash.

What do I do? Check with my healthcare. Listen. My healthcare when I'm inside the state is great. However, when I'm not inside the state... not so much. What do they tell me to do? Go to an emergency room! Sure! No worries! I'll just pop down in the middle of the meeting schedule I'm maintaining while I'm out here. You know, into the emergency room then, WAIT. Are you kidding? I've got a rash! Do you know how low on the priority list I'm going to be? Anyone and everyone that comes into the place is going to end up in front of me. Kids with the croup, Susie with her sprained finger, Bobby with is sprained ankle, Betty Boop with her deflated silicon bustline (we're in LA after all). Everyone.

So, can I go to a doctor? No. Not covered. OK, how about if I go to a doctor and pay for it myself and get a prescription. Is the prescription covered? No. The only thing I can do is go to an emergency room. Period, paragraph.

I had only one thing to do. I put some more hydrocortizine cream on it, took some benedril and I'm making an appointment with my doctor when I get home.

Now. To a voicemail message I received on this.

Dear Caller,

You are far over reacting and jumping on the alternative medicine field in blaming them for this rash. The book and plan I'm currently following is written by Dr. Mark Hyman, formerly one of the co-directors of the Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires and a currently practicing medical doctor in the Boston, MA area.

Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was taking something for inflamation support. And, as I mentioned, I stopped taking it. In fact, it's been 5 days since I stopped taking it. And, the rash just popped up in a new place. It's not the herbs for the inflamation at this point. No way I could still be reacting to it this far out.

Now, regarding herbs. Let me ask you, where do you think the find the basis for most pharmacuticals? Herbs. The big pharma companies just do more processing of them, combine them and create all kinds of health risks beyond what would have been a risk as part of the normal consequence of taking the herb itself. This, done by an industry (big pharma) that kills more people yearly (over 780,000) than either heart disease (699,000) or cancer (533,000).

Sorry, and why exactly should I run to that doctor?

Please. Don't misconstrue what I feel on this either. I believe that there is a place for modern western medicine. I believe that we need antibiotics for when we have infections. And I do believe that there are some people that actually have a need for some of the drugs that are created.

Having said that, I also believe that there are more people than not that are unhealthy because they've screwed up their systems with the poision that is sold every day in what we call grocery stores. Highly processed, chemically modified foods that bear no resemblence to the food that my parents ate in the early part of the 20th century. And those foods (and foods are DRUGS mind you, completely and TOTALLY) that people eat are toxic and screw up thier systems. These foods cause problems with our bodies because we don't eat REAL food.

I believe that if more people changed thier diet, we'd have more people that are less dependant on drugs. Say, just for example, someone in my family. My nephew. This darling little child eats CRAP and he acts like crap and they've thrown all kinds of tags on him like ADHD. So, what's the solution? Drug the little bugger till you don't even know it's him. And man, if the drugs wear off you're in trouble! Hey! I've got an idea! Why don't you take all the caffenee, red dye and sugar out of his diet, put him to bed at a normal hour so that he gets the sleep he needs and find out how that works! NAH.

In addition to that, I also believe that many people that deal with health issues, especially mental health issues, are also dealing with a spiritual battle. Yes, spiritual. I know this isn't necessarily a popular view, but then again, I'm not running for office I don't need to be popular.

However, because these spiritual issues require a spiritual solution, and because most people are not willing to go to a place emotionally or mentally where they are willing to take accountability before God to deal with these issues - then they have to deal with them another way. Hey, have another pill.

Further more, I also believe that some people are dealing with specific spiritual beings. These beings don't go anywhere or respond to anything other than the authority of Jesus Christ. So, when dealing with a spiritual being that is causing all kinds of bad behavior, what do we in the modern world do? WE DRUG PEOPLE. Because doctors are scientific and don't believe in spiritual beings, and anyone not a Christian that does believe in spiritual beings is probably inviting the ones that are causing the issues in the first place! Hey, have another PILL!

Lastly, there are some issues that come to even those who believe. These issues may be generational, or may be left over from their pre-Christian days. Some issues of these types may only be worked out by care and love and counseling that enable the believer to recognize the issues exist and take authority by the blood of the lamb. But, again, the medical community doesn't believe such things so they provide their solution. HEY, HAVE ANOTHER PILL!

Having said all that, I again state that I believe there is a place for modern western medicine. I do believe that there are even some cases where some type of medication is required for people (even believers) that have unequal mental and emotional equilibriums. I also believe that those cases are rare, and few and far between. I would even go so far as to say that someone I know that uses these medications (no, not you caller, not to the best of my knowledge) and doesn't NEED to, but really needs to deal with (a) diet, and (b) a spiritual issue. But I will say this caller, I'd love to see God heal and/or deliver you so that you didn't have a need for these things!

So, there you go. Maybe it wasn't the exact end I had planned for what was supposed to be a humorous post starting yesterday, but it's what we've got. Got an opinion? Let me know.

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