Friday, July 07, 2006

I just don't get it, do you?

I was just watching TLC's What Not to Wear. There's a surprise, eh? And, while I think I'm planning a mini-rant on this for the Metro Moment ( I just thought I'd leave a note here too.

As usual, Stacy and Clinton show up to rescue a dowdy fire plug of a woman from her awful sense of fashion - or lack thereof. In this case, the woman even knows who Stacy and Clinton are because she watches the show.

So, now, here's what I don't get. This chick watches the show. Of course, she knows that everyone around her thinks she doesn't dress worth shite. She AGREES to go on the show. THEN she proceedes to fight everyone, Stacy, Clinton, Nick (the hair guy), and Carmindy (the makeup specialist) regarding her clothes, her hair length (she's determined it's not going to be short because she wants it long - HELLO) and her make up (well, she found how it was applied instructional - GAG).

Tell me. Why did this chick go on the show? She had a face on the entire time she was in hair and makeup. She was crying when Nick was going to show her what her hair looked like, and damn(!) he didn't even cut it that short (as were her wishes). I just don't get why she would go on this show, knowing full well that everyone around her wanted her to help herself, knowing that the fashion experts were there to help her look fabulous - and fight it! Honestly, she totally became completely unsympathetic for me. And I've got to tell you, that takes some work. So why did she go on?

This reminds me of the way so many people (including me, mind you) are with their lives. Everything can be going to puppy droppings around them and still, despite the best efforts of those that love them they still insist upon doing it their own way. In fact, it's often the way we are with God too, even as Christians - which makes the absolutel LEAST sense. But, it's true. And, like you too, I still see this all the time both in and out of the church.

I see it outside the body of Christ because people don't see the true nature of the Spirit of God living in us, so when we tell them that Jesus loves them and God has redeemed them and they can experience true liberty - all they here is "religion" and going to church. FOR SHAME! On all of us! We (those already redeemed by the blood, those of us already with our names written in the Lamb's Book of Life according to scripture) need to carry more of the Lord's presence with us! We (and I'm pointing at myself here too!) all need to spend more time with the Father so that we can become more like him! That's what people will respond to.

I see it inside the body because even though people claim they want to live as Christians (in a Christ like manner), so many of them still want to hold on to their old "stinkin thinkin", bad habits and everything else! You'd figure that these folks that were finally responsive enough to the Spirit of the Lord to get saved, these people that know the liberty of salvation - would want all the freedom and everything that Jesus can give them! And still, it isn't so. Sigh.

Well, at the end of the show, Mrs. Recalcitrant was crying during her reveal and telling Stacy and Clinton that "it" wasn't about the just about the looks, it was an internal thing as well. It was a change in her heart that the experience had made in her. Finally I think she got it. Hopefully, I pray that we all get it, don't you?

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