Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ah, to be Home on my Mac

Well, I know I haven't posted anything about the current gig I'm on (but I'm sure it will show up somewhere in one of my podcasts!) so you may not have context for this - but man. Am I SOOOOOOOO glad to be home on my Mac. The short version...I have to work on a Windoze PeeCee all day long right now. So dude, when I get home, I'm ready for the Mac experience.

Sure, I've got a new Dell Latitude D820 with some sick resolution and it's pretty well tricked out on the inside. BUT. It just feels like a cheap piece of crap. The keys are cheap plastic, I'm always catching the edges when I'm typing, the mouse pad (and believe me it is NO Trackpad!) is too small and doesn't scroll like my Trackpad does (though according to the drivers it can be set up that way, but of course like a typical Windoze machine - the drivers don't work!)

But that isn't all. Everything is so damn ugly. Eventhough I've got it skinned with a Vista look and feel (hey, almost anything beats XP), the apps are just ugly. Look at Gaim (for Windows) compared to Adium X or Fire. Ewwww! AIM versus iChat, and on down the line.

I've even got software to make it feel more like a Mac, apps that serve the same functions as Spotlight and QuickSliver and Expose - and they're not bad... but they aren't my Mac.

So, when I finally get home it's nice to take out my Mac, feel the Mac and do some stuff. And I haven't even told you the half of it. So, if you're reading this on a Mac, then go thank whoever it was that got you to buy it!


CyberGal said...

Oh, how sweet this is.

I'm going to email this link to a couple of deluded friends who SWEAR their PC's NEVER crash, and that on a Mac, I'm in the dark ages.

Just knowing how this will irritate these two brings JOY to my heart. Mac RULES!

Blues145j said...

I just sent this to my brother who is a product designer at Dell. He has recently transfered to the laptop division from the server division at Dell. If Dell's budget allows, I hope to see more innovative designs now that he will be there.

He stated to me sometime back that he only wished he could have the design budget Apple has.