Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm worried for the Pats!

I know. They blow out the Redskins 41 to ZIP in the pre-season and I'm worried. Yup, you bet. Here's why (in the abreviated form - I've got to sleep!)

* They didn't have a wide receiver other than Troy Brown that could get open (read: create separation) against the 1st string defense.

* When one of the other guys did get open - they dropped the ball. (Rechee Caldwell anyone?)

* The running game was non-existant. AGAIN. At least not till the scrubs were in.

* Thank goodness that Maroney got in the endzone - the rest of the goal line running offense was pathetic.

OK. Now something I'm happy about, even though I'm reluctant to admit it. Junior Seau did well. He was a far sight better than anything I've seen out of Bisell in 2 years. He goes up field, maintains his gap and attacks the ball. I couldn't really see how he did in coverage while watching on TV, but if he can bring what he did tonight for the season to spell the other guys as part of the rotation - we'll end up surviving the year. And that I think is because Tully Banta-Cain is ready to contribute on the outside as well as Rosy Colvin.


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