Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pardon Me While I Puke

i just got done watching a lame attempt at humor on the Comedy Channel. It was called a roast. Let me tell you, it wasn't a roast - it was a profane spewing of insults. Sure, roasts are all about poking fun of the roastee, I get that. But this - it was lewd, gross and primarily disgusting. And, after getting done with fast forwarding through a large part of it, I still feel like I need to take a spiritual shower to get the CRUD off me. And yes, it really did make me feel ILL. I did think I was going to throw up. The first time I think I ever felt the grieving of the Holy Spirit so strongly that I felt physically ill. Ewwwww. GROSS.

Do yourself a favor, don't watch this piece of garbage. I know, you maybe wondering "what, did they drop some f-bombs? What's so bad about that. Listen, for a couple f-bombs I don't think I would feel like puking. No, this was a display of referencing to body parts and what orafice they could ever possibly go into, profanity on a grand scale, beyond what I even experienced in college. It was gross.

So, I have one request. Can someone out there please prove to me that you can be funny? Thanks. Until then, pardon me, I'm going to be hanging over a toilet bowl.

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CyberGal said...

You and I have very different road maps of tolerance. I'm a Scott Sigler fan and you, for several reasons are not a fan. I admire where you are, but am not there yet.

What drove me to not own a television was the constant cruelity I saw on almost every sit com. watched by my (then) lover. I was saddened to see that it is okay to casterate men repeatedly! It is okay for kids to disrespect their elders and it is always okay to make Christians look like crackpots.

I don't like "roasts" ether. If you are looking for comedy, try internet radio, but ONLY the family-safe stuff. If its not okay for a child, you won't like it either.