Monday, October 23, 2006

Knee Surgery is the New Black

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures - yet! Till then, here's a general info picutre. My surgery was to repair the right medial meniscus.

I had the knee surgery last week on Thursday. It was a day surgery thing, I got dropped of at 11:30 and Shanna came to pick me up at around 5:30. Like a short day at work, just more painful - well more painful than my current gig. And really, I've had some jobs that were way more painful.

Anyway, they went in, scoped the knee, cleaned out the torn pieces and didn't make it good as new. But, at least it's cleaned up. I won't loose any mobility, but I do think I'm loosing some stability. I'll know for sure when I get the pictures later this week.

As for pain, it hasn't been that bad. Nothing like the pain from shoulder surgery and way more easy to deal with. The knee is stiff and swollen, but not as bad as I thought. Not nearly. And, the doctor's office called on Friday to tell me to get up and walking. Obviously I didn't go out and try to do anything, I just walked around the house. Of course, I couldn't go into work (I couldn't drive there - and the drugs I was taking were a bit much to drive on), so I stayed home and worked it gingerly. I couldn't get cleaned up either, I had to keep the bandages on until Saturday. MAN! Was I dying for a shower.

Oh. And I SLEPT. I was constantly wiped out. Don't know if it was the healing, the drugs or possibly something else... We'll see and I'll update you more on that next post.

So, to wrap, everything went well. I'm home, medicated (Vicodin - I think it just makes me sleepy) and resting. Ciao!

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