Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Knee Surgery is the New Black - Part II

OK, so, where was I? OK. So I'm home now. The knee feels pretty good, but I still have to take it easy. Of course, kids don't get that. Chloe, bless her heart, just wants to be hanging with daddy. Literally. OK, hanging ON daddy. She's climbing on me and trying to hang over my right leg because I've got it propped up on the coffee table on a pillow. This, to a 3 year old, is a swing!

So, you can see there is still some swelling (these were taken on Monday, two days after I took off the original packing) and I still have to treat the knee well. There are only two fairly small puncture wounds (sorry the image quality is so bad, shot with my phone at night in the bathroom's yellow lights) and that's it. But I do have to keep them dressed to prevent any infection - and the one on the inside is giving me a battle trying to go there.

The knee doesn't hurt to bear weight - it's the muscles all around it that took the beating during the surgery, so that is what remains sore.

OK, gotta run. More to come, including why you shouldn't just come home from surgery and immediately try to participate in the family... Ciao!

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