Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Return of the KKK

I'm sitting in my bedroom with the lights out, my wife getting ready for bed and the baby sleeping in the bassinet. I'm blogging here in the dark because something so profoundly disturbing happened this past week that I didn't want to forget to post about it, so, even though I'm exhausted, my eyes are burning and my knee hurts because of the position I have to be in so that I can type this in bed - I'm posting.

Here's what happened. A local church (Methodist) in the town where I attend church (though at a non-denominational congregation) just got a new pastor. Which was actually pretty exciting news. The guy seems really cool, has a hyphenated name, very contemporary dresser (and dresses well) and for a pastor - the most important thing - he really loves God and wants to show his love in the community.

So what's the problem? Well, it seems that the problem has to do with his being black. You know, of African American extraction. At least to this group of people that sent the threatening letter to the church anyway. And yes, they signed it the KKK.

Now, I used to live in the south, and in the south the white folk with red necks and names like Bubba are pretty openly prejudice. These crackers are still fighting the War of Northern Aggression and battling the imposition of desegregation. Thankfully there are fewer now than there were even 40 years ago - but they're still out there. Not to say that all southerner's are like this. That would be a gross injustice. But there are still enough pockets of these ignorant fools to make life potentially dangerous for someone with dark skin in the south.

However, at present, I live in the Commonwealth of MA. The cradle of liberty. The place where blood was first spilled on April 19, 1775 as we resisted the imposition of British tyranny. I live in a state that was one of the most supportive in both the War for Independence AND the Civil War. And in the civil war, and the years leading up to it, MA was a hotbed of abolitionist support.

So tell me, how the ***BLEEEEP*** did some nut job (or jobs) end up in this state sending threatening letters to a black pastor in a town that at one point was considered part of Plymouth - you know, the town the Pilgrims, those seekers of religious freedom - in a state that has been known for it's support of civil rights and it's long standing Democratic leanings?

The answer. I don't know. But I do know that I want them the devil out of MY state and the town where I worship - NOW. There is no place in this world - or any other world - for this horrific behavior, this base defilement of people that were made equal in the eyes of a loving God and redeemer. It makes me sick. It makes me mad. And I'm doing something about it - here and now and also in the community I live and worship in.

Here's my request. Make sure you do something about it where you live too. Let's not ever have anything like this ever happen again anywhere in the US - OR the world.

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