Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's your Sunday about?

So, what's Sunday about to you? Is it another day of work? Part of the weekend when you can get stuff done? Is it a day of rest for you? A day that you chill? A day for family? Is it a day of worship? Is it a day when you stop to thank God for everything he's done in your life? Why is that?

For my family, it's a day of worship and it's a day of rest. Yes, many times it's a day when we get to see family too. But first - it's a day of worship. It's a day to get up (almost as early as I do on a week day), get ready, then go with joy up to the house of the Lord. We pack up the kids (no easy feat), head to church early (because my wife and I are both on the worship team) and get ready to party. Yes - party. It's funny. One of the things that I have the hardest thing sharing with people that aren't connected as much into the supernatural realm is that where I go to church, it isn't boring. Anything but. No, church isn't an aerobic workout, we don't have folks swinging from the chandeliers (well, we don't have chandeliers and our ceiling it s good 30 feet high so it would be quite the feat to get there and quite dangerous to swing...). But, you never know what might happen. :-)

You see, where I go, it's not about religion, or formulas. It's not about how you're dressed or who you know - except for if you know God. And knowing God, how awesome He is, what He's doing, where He's going. It's a party because we like to celebrate that all of our burdens (guilt, fear, worry) and our sins (anger, bitterness, resentment, idolatry, and any type of sexual sin) have been taken from us. It's a party because we like to celebrate God's mercy and His grace (his favor that goes out before us), we celebrate what he's given us, what he's done for us. It's a party because we get to celebrate his LOVE. The love that transcends everything else. It's just a time to celebrate Him. And, we'd all be happy to celebrate Him even if we didn't have all the other stuff because He's THAT awesome. Really.

So, Sunday for us is a day of rest. It's rest in God, in taking time to rest in him and his promises. It's a time to thank Him for everything he's done. And, it's also time for rest because God wants us to take a rest from our labor. See - He really is looking out for us.

Some of you may disagree. It's OK. Have at it. Some of you may think I've taken leave of my senses - you wouldn't be the first. Some of you may think that I'm another one of those Christians that's so heavenly minded I'm no earthy good (um, yah, no). Some of you may think I'm a hypocrite (as opposed to a hypogriff). You should ALL think that I'm not perfect - because there's never been a truer statement - it's why I need a savior. Like everyone in my church I'm not perfect, I'm being perfected. I haven't arrived, but I'm on the journey.

Here's what I can tell you. I know what he's done for me. I know where I was before I met Him. I know how I didn't even bother waiting for the weekend - I just was out getting wasted virtually every day. I know I was unhappy, I know I was unfulfilled. I know that I had little wisdom. I know that I was wretched. Really - the word applies. And now that I know I'm not. I know God has made me not wretched anymore. He's removed my guilt. He's given me a hope and a future and a purpose. So, that's why on any given Sunday, you'll find me joyfully going up to the house of the Lord to thank him for what he's done.

So, that's what Sunday is about for me. What about you?


Jon said...

sorry to get here so lite. I wanted to do the brogan 5 comments thing, but haven't stopped my sunday til now.

For me Sunday was powerpoint prep, sound prep, then service opening, introduce a missions team, lead communion, lead 3 baptisms, our with our family and new pastor's wife and daughter, watching son play soccer, really brief nap, spend time composing long email on a significant elder issue, long walk with wife, part of a tv show and now, 15 hours later, catching up.

And that's the other side of your party, but it is still a delight. Because it is helping other people understand that we have a God that throws parties for lost sheep. And that's a pretty good reason for a party.

CyberGal said...

I love Church on Sunday. Pre Sunday School prayer (9:25-9:45), Sunday School (9:30-11:00) coffee break (11:00-11:30) Church proper (11:30-2:30) We pray sing, shout, sometimes dance before the Lord , listen to the choir and the spoken word. Sometimes we just get into a really long group prayer session. I fit in at this church. We are all very serious, but fun-loving Christians who know the hell God has delivered us from.

Came back at 6:00 for another class, but hung around until 10:00 ministering to a really distressed alcoholic man. I love being associated with people who put their needs 2nd to seriously hurting people.

We all related to where this gentleman was at. We listened, testified, shared scripture and a few tears. This is one of the great parts of being in a church where people realize the whole thing is about loving God and caring for people.

I also completed the flags of countries with the phrase: Prayer Changes Things translated into various languages. It feels so good to accomplish work that is so much appreciated. By doing the work before me, the church gets what it needs and I get emotional encouragement I've craved for so very, very long. God is so awesome!