Saturday, July 28, 2007

You are the measure of my success!

I have decided to become one of the next "big" internet personalities, because my goal in life requires the scope of reaching thousands and thousands of people.

Part of that goal is to make everyone I come in contact with realize how awesome they are and to motivate them to be the best they can be. To break out of whatever box they're living in and experience new and fulfilling vistas in life.

In order to do that, I need to know what I can do to best serve you. I would like to start with the friends and build. How can I make your life so much better, help you to feel so incredible that you are willing to refer me as a person and persona to your friends? What can I do that will make you so excited? What value can I offer you? Let me know and help me to help you while reaching the world!

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CyberGal said...

Hey MacPhilly:

Whatever you and God are cooking up, I will enjoy watching it unfold. I learn so much just watching you live your life, speak your mind and journey with God.

I hope you turn Destiny into a salable audio & video series. I still get chills thinking about what that series can do for others. It turned me back to God and actually trying to be a real Christian.

Real Christianity is the most exciting life possible. The hard fight is getting out from under the "wolves in sheep's clothing". You are another example of "the real deal". Aspects of God lived out through your unique personhood.
I am so happy you are in my life.