Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why I Get Paid II

I get paid to prevent what happened for most of you looking at the below web site.

1. You saw the picture.
2. Your eye didn't come to rest easily (other than possibly on the picture).

Though I don't know a lot about this site, I know I won't be going back. Why? It's not the writing. Honestly I didn't really read anything. So why? *BECAUSE* I didn't really read anything. I never found the focus, the main point for being there. I'm sure I wasn't alone.

The picture is a useless construct unless it's a celebrity and there's an associated story (for the most part). I personally have no idea what the headline was associated with the picture.

Web sites need to be designed so that you can easily identify your purpose for being there - and perform that purpose. This site isn't. It's a bad design. And that's the reason why I get paid - so that your site won't look like this one.

Class dismissed.

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