Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The CORE - Part 2

So, why do I think this is a geek movie? Well, it's not just a technical geek movie, it's a science geek (OK, so maybe it junk science), computer geek, conspiracy theory geek movie. And, it's fun.

Plot? Pretty thin. Twists? One, kinda. Eye candy? Sure, the lead male and female are both attractive. Oddly, the males get way more naked than any female (ok, one guy takes off his shirt - but it is opposite of the way it typically done and YES! I'm grateful! Not because a guy takes off his shirt, but because a female doesn't!) Cool gadgets - yup. Improbable story? Completely. But, it was fun.

So, it's on FX again this week, set your Tivo!


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