Monday, March 27, 2006


I was going to start this post with a picture of disgusting fat. Unfortunately, I didn't want to take a picture of MY fat, and I couldn't find one that was just something like 20-30 lbs of chicken fat on a platter. And, would you belive that just typing "fat" in Google brings up semi-porno pictures? Well, I guess breast tissue is mostly fat. Gesh. And that's with the filters on.

Anyway, I'm doing this posting one time, one time only. This morning - especially because today I'm getting fit - I wanted to weigh myself and measure so I could have the high water mark to compare against for when I loose all the weight I need to so I can be healthy again. I got on the scale and it said - "Hey lard ass, this ain't a frieght scale!" When I looked down, of course having to move my head out so I could actually see my toes, I saw that I weighed in at a whopping 190 pounds! Holy crap! That is the MOST I have EVER weighed. EVER.

I know, some of you may be thinking "wow, is that it?" But I'm only 5'7 1/2". I like to be around 160 or so, 170 at the worst. At that weight I'm not Mr. ripped abs or anything, but you can still tell I have a shape. But 190? Oh MY WORD.

It was yesterday that pushed me over the top. I was at my mom's house and I was trying to do something and my stomach kept getting in the way. I was getting pretty ticked off. So, I decided that as of today (Monday morning), I was returning back to fitness. So you have to hear the kicker.

Virtually my entire life I've been a fitness and health buff. Sure, I love my chocolate, but it's always been in moderation (and besides, dark chocolate is good for your heart!). The reason why is because after loosing a decent amount of childhood blubber (more affectionately known as baby fat), and then watching my father have 4 heart attacks, have a stroke, get put on strict diets, take a gazillion pills a day - and watching my mom go on equally strict diet for high blood pressure and cholesteral, I decided that what happened to them was not going to happen to me. I wanted to live long, and live well. And, starting around age 16 or 17, I was Mr. Fitness. Ran cross country in college, in the gym 3-4 times a week. Sure, I put on some weight right after I got married, but soon after I was back down to my fighting weight again.

Anyway, the kicker. So today I'm talking to my wife and she's telling me that my mom was talking with her yesterday and saying that her (my mom's) doctor was mentioning to my mom that her kids need to be careful because of all her (and dad's) medical history. BOOM. There you go. The PERFECT reminder of why for the majority of the past 30 years I've been a bit of a health nut.

So, as always, today began the first day of the rest of my life. Which is good. I gained the weight this time for a unique reason, I'll say that. It was the first time I was just so comfortable with myself and my wife and my family, just so content that I didn't feel that manic need to work out. THIS is actually a good thing. However, now I have to remain content as I was but get back in shape so that I can keep playing with my kids!

So. Today, in this post I started by saying "I Am Fat," but now I end the post by saying "I Am FIT." It's one letter that makes a huge difference. I'm fit. I'm back to doing 100 hindu squats a day, back to doing 25 or so hindu pushups, back to doing a bridge, back to doing hand stand pushups, back to kicking butt in a 45 minute plyometric/yoga/cardio workout that tones and sculpts those abs baby!

I am daddy, hear me roar! I'm the rolling around on the ground, jumping up and down, crawling around, throwing kid up in the air fitness dynamo that my kids have always known me to be. I'm the fit and fabulous husband for my incredible wife. I'm the energetic, clear minded, quick witted business force that I was created to be.


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CyberGal said...

This ought to give you some prospective: I'm 5'6", female and around 198 lbs!

I have a weight problem for two reasons: a) I never met junk food I didn't love and 2) Every meedication I take causes weight gain. That is one of the side effects of anti-depressants.

Last time I went in for a physical I braced myself for the 'fat' lecture. To my utter shock, because I eat an amazing amount of brown rice, all my numbers are in the low-normal range!

I frankly told the Dr. that I really wasn't into dieting, unless I was due to die in a week without it. He said all is well - just don't gain any more.
I can certainly live with that :-)

I'm glad you are content. You'll get back into the fitness thing in no time.