Sunday, May 14, 2006

My First Full Day In LA (actually Burbank)

So, I wake up in the land of granola for the first time. Nice hotel, but no internet in the room. If you're booked into the Universal Hilton in Universal City, CA - make sure you're not in 1771!

Anyway. I'm expecting sun and palm trees. What do I get? here's a hint. I thought I was in Britan. FOG. Where the heck is the fabled Cali sun? As it turns out, it's been put away until at least 4:00 or so in the afternoon. It's lovely spring weather in SoCal. Yuck. Of course, back home it's raining (and it will all week to), but as of that moment, I just know that it was nicer for the past week in Boston than it was in the fabled land of Hollywood.

End of the day? Niiiccce. Sunny, not quite 70. And, I stopped at a handy Trader Joe's (yes they have them in MA - 2 I think - I drove past more than that in a 15 minute radius from the hotel) and picked up some great healthy stuff for dinner and snacks at work for the next few days.

After that, crash and burn. Jet lag caught up for sure. And now, off to bed as I try to adjust from jet lag again. More on the Burbank Chronicles soon!

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