Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Tolerant" Governor - not so much.

O-tay. Before you read any of my rant, read this. When you're done come on back.,0,5412195.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

This is the perfect example of "tolerance" double speak. This governor is tolerant of anyone that doesn't have an opinion, or more importantly a belief. Here's the deal, I'm sure that "Mr. I'm Gay and Just Got a Guy Fired" has made plenty of intolerant statements. In fact, homosexuals in general are famous for casting aspersions.

And what did the guy who got fired do? He simply made a statement. He specifically shared his opinion based on his convictions and beliefs. BOOM. GAME OVER. Dude, that's not tolerant!

But you know what? I'm not tolerant either. I'm really sick of people doing stuff like this. I am not tolerant of two faced irresponsible "politically correct" sycophants that are happy to quickly point their finger at someone and that won't be responsible themselves. Here's my word to them - buy a clue!

I'm going to go on record with the guy that got fired. I don't think that homosexuality is a normal life style either. And, just so you know exactly how consistent I am in sharing that I believe it's deviant - it's the same thing I told my SISTER. Yes, my sister is currently claiming that she's homosexual. Correct. But to show you even more how consistant I am, let me share this. While my sister was still sleeping with guys - I told her that I thought her practice of sleeping with MANY guys was just as damaging and destructive to her and her family as her current poor behavior is.

Let me ask you a question. Because I said this to my sister, does that mean that I don't love her? Don't be an idiot. Of course I do. And, it breaks my heart that she continues to make these decisions that impact her life and the life of her family so dramatically.

In the same way, just because I'm willing to say to any homosexual that according to scripture their life style is not right, it doesn't mean that I don't love or care for them. Au contraire. It's because I want the best for them spiritually AND physically that I want them to know that the God of all creation loves them, died for their sin and wants to set them free to live in the liberty of Jesus rather than the bondage of the life style of sin. And yes, I do believe that homosexuality is sin. It doesn't mean that I hate anyone - except the enemy of our souls! Do I always like how homosexual activists get in our face? No. Do I find the public displays of lewdness associated with "gay" pride parades disgusting? YES!. I would also find that kind of public display of lewdness of heterosexual behavior offensive too. Know why? Because either way, it's still sin. Capice?

And still, through it all, I'm not any less tolerant of these people. Is my life different that theirs? Yes. Do I believe they need a personal relationship with Jesus in order to be saved? Yes. And I belive that for ALL people. And for all people I will unashamedly state, I believe that Jesus is the salvation of the world. So, no matter who you are, no matter what your behavior - sexually (hetero or homosexual promiscuity or sex outside of marriage), socially (hate crimes, anger, public drunkeness, drugs, gang wars, murder, spousal abuse, child abuse and murder) or whatever - Jesus can and has forgiven it all. He can forgive your sin and give you a brilliant life of freedom and joy. All you need to do is ask him.

So, right now, let me ask you, pray with me! Don't worry that you're "not good enough" neither was I, or King David who committed murder and adultery or the Apostle Paul who sought out early Christians and stoned them to death before Jesus appeard to them! Right now ask the Lord to save you and give you new life. Say Lord, I know I haven't done right, I know that I've sinned. But Lord, you said you loved the world so much - including ME - that you died on the cross to cover my sins. Jesus, I accept your sacrifice for my sins. And now, according to your very words Lord, I am a NEW creation. My sin is washed away! I have a NEW start!

And how cool is that! Before you go, let me encourage you to let someone know what you've just done. Send me an email. If you need help finding a church that teaches the whole Bible of Gods truth, justice and love, let me know. And remember, this is the first day of the rest of your life. Jesus has set you free! With that you have new opportunities. Sure, you may have bad days. Hey, you've got a whole life time of habits that the Holy Spirit is working on, if you slip, don't worry. Jesus isn't surprised and he's still there ready to hold your hand and help you into the incredible life he has created for you. Read your Bible and PRAY! Every day talk with God (that means pray, that's what prayer is!) and remember to be still sometimes so that he can talk to you, tell you how much he loves you and direct you on the path to his promises!


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CyberGal said...

Very moving post. Thank you for having the courage of your convictions. Thank you for standing up for Jesus Christ.