Thursday, June 08, 2006

AirTran SUCKS (well, not completely it seems)

I received a phone call from AirTran. They will be refunding the full purchase price - not allegedly do to my rant - but because I hadn't spoken to customer service. Right. Actually, I did speak to customer service and I asked to speak to a supervisor and I got voicemail and no call back. Then I did the post and sent the rant. At any rate, AirTran actually stopped acting like heartless automatons with the sensitivity of toilet seats and provided a full refund due to the "extenuating circumstances." OK. I'm not going to argue. They still claim that nothing was their fault - which still irks me - but I don't think it will do any good or change their policy any futher. And I'll give the props for calling me back. Now, will I willinging choose AirTran againin the future? That remains to be seen.


It's not often that I spend time railing against the machine, but this time I'm going
to. I'm also going to make sure I say this as many times in as many places (like podcasts, blogs, local consumer news teams and the like) that I can.

Who knows, maybe that will get AirTran's attention. And, while I may not get my ticket refunded, I'm betting that it's going to cost AirTran a LOT more than the price of my ticket in the end. And, hopefully, the next time someone calls them that has lost a loved one and wants a refund because the AirTran plane was late - they won't act like TOTAL FRACKING IDIOTS and they'll show some compassion to the person on the other end of the phone.

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