Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's that show's name?

Can anyone tell me, since Ken Ray and Laura Burstein left, ummmmm you know that other Mac show - geesh I've got to look it up, hang on - oh, Inside Mac (which, by the way I was on at one point and I'm eternally grateful to Scott Shepard for) that's the one. Does anyone still listen to them? Not that Scott isn't good, but without Laura and Ken, it really becomes one note repeating to me - so over time I stopped listening and iTunes doesn't update it anymore. That happen to anyone else?

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CyberGal said...

I enjoyed the content, but was driven away by their commercial over-kill. I refuse to listen to any pod cast where up to 50% of the time is advertising!

I like Ken Ray, but by far my favorite mac news pod cast is Buzz Out Loud.

I put The Mac Nation in its own special 'entertainment' niche.

Listen up, I will dump ANY pod cast - even my beloved Buzz Out Loud, or Mac Nation, if ads become more then 40% of content.