Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's my Anniversary! Yea!

It's my Anniversary! Yahoo! Yup, today in 1992 my beautiful wife Shanna and I tied the knot. Unbelievable! 14 years and 4 kids later, she looks amazing, gorgeous, vivacious and more. Me? Meh. I look older, have less hair and what I do have is going gray. Such is life ;)

Marriage is everything I never dreamed it would be. It is awesome. It's way more work than I ever thought. It's totally worth it. And, being that I know I've got God's girl for me (looooonnnnggg story), I know it's going to keep getting better.

Has it been perfect? No. Have we had disagreements? Most assuredly, we're bound to because I'm wrong so often :-p There's never been the threat of divorce - we agreed on that from the go. Homicide maybe, divorce - never.

One thing I know, I'm more in love with this incredible woman today than I was the day I married her. I love you Shanna!

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