Thursday, September 28, 2006

Torn Meniscus = The Suck

To be more specific, torn medial meniscus. Here's the link so you can read the technical blather.

Anyway, I actually did this on July 1st, the Saturday of the long weekend. I dislocated my kneecap at the same time, I think. I know that it basically occurred when I was crouching down to get something in the cabinet in the island in my kitchen. (that's a lot of ins...) Anyway, I heard a massive CRRRAAACKKKK! I knew it couldn't be good. But, I just thought it was something else, and my knee wasn't really killing me - so I went out and cut the lawn. I came inside and I did this little plant of my foot and twist and I heard this "pop!" That's when I think I actually dislocated my kneecap. Unfortunately, I had dislocated my kneecap before last year and when I did, I went to the chiro and got it put back in place. I was thinking the same thing this time, but 4th of July weekend - no one around. It never occurred to me to go to the emergency room. Doh. Go figure.

Well, I had to go to Cali the following week, and I just kept getting chiro treatment for it, but I noticed that it wasn't getting better as fast as I remembered. In fact, it stopped getting better. A bunch of symptoms persisted. It still hurt. So, finally, about 10 weeks after the day - I went in to my primary doctor. He bent, asked questions and the like, then told me to get an MRI. Well, the MRI came back and sure enough, I've got it torn. Which, in my humble opinion, really bites.

So, if you've had this happen, let me know. I know that it's possible to fix the tear if it is in the correct spot, but there are few times when it works like that. And, my age is also working against me (46 in less than two weeks!) for a possible repair. The other alternative (if you followed the link) is just remove the tear and contour the meniscus. I'm not sure that helps me long term or returns any stability to the knee - which is a concern as you can imagine. But, like I said, if anyone out there actually reads this blog and has had it happen - let me know!

Till then, I'll be looking forward to meeting the surgeon next Friday.

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