Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So Google - Where was this picture?

Really. I got up before 8:00, went to check my mail and lo and behold NOTHING. Not a sausage! And it stayed that way pretty much until around 5:00 in the afternoon. There went my 26th! Geesh!

By noon at least the notifiers were letting me know that I had mail, but there was no luck in getting it through the web interface. I wanted to blog about it, but Blogger (where you're seeing this) was down too. I couldn't do my normal search - like on Google! - because I couldn't access the homepage either! Finally, I figured out that I could pull down my Gmail using a mail client on my Mac (Mail specifically is what I used) so then I spent the next couple of hours pulling down 6,000 (really, no exaggeration, in truth a shade of understatement) e-mails so I could see the most recent messages.

Anyway, everything is now up again but BOY man was that a scary thing. Hmmm. Maybe I'll consider putting up some of my blog stuff on my own server, and maybe I'll move my business e-mail back to my own server as well. It was just way to scary to have the interface go down like that for a full work day. I hope it never happens again!

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