Monday, September 25, 2006

Shiver Me Timbers with a Bottle of Rum

Yes, yes. I know speak like a Pirate Day is now long past, but I couldn't resist putting this up anyway.

As for the rest of life... like what I've done most of the month: Went to Houston, taught Photoshop and InDesign, had an AWFUL trip, got a nasty cold (which I'm just finally getting rid of, I think... Lost 5 days of training revenue (which TOTALLY sucks), got an MRI on my wanky knee that I hurt on July 1st and cut the grass which was so long it took 2 1/2 hours.

Other than that... everything else is great! We had a guest speaker in to the church, a dude named Fergus McIntyre. Dude rocks. I was bummed that I had to leave before his last meeting to go to Houston. God has been good too, Halle had a birthday (which I didn't get to celebrate with her because I was in Houston - unfortunately), I got two teeth worked on - I know, most people don't celebrate that but I really needed the work on them! - and I'm prepping for my 14th wedding anniversary on September 27th. Yikes, was that fast!

Have a happy - and don't forget to check out my new podcast!

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