Monday, September 25, 2006

Two New Shows - One Stays on the TiVo

Gee, can you guess which? Yup, Heroes. I watched both Heroes and Studio 60 tonight. Both were good shows, but... I liked Heroes better... for now.

Heroes was good (except the little Ali Larter strip scene at the beginning), had suspense and seemed cool. My only issue was that these heroes just so conveniently kept running into each other, but I'll cut some slack because I know they only have so much time to develop a plot.

Studio 60 was good. Loved Matthew Perry in it. And the other guy from the West Wing. Amanda Peet did OK. Of course I found the Crazy Christian bit interesting. Odd thing is, what they were saying was primarily true. But, you know, as a Jesus Freak, I'm not so sure I would care about someone having at (poking fun of) Christian doctrine on a comedy show, at least nothing quite so ancillary as the Rapture. Sure, if they got rude like Madonna is planning on doing on NBC (I think it's NBC), coming out on a cross and the like - yes, then I get upset. Listen, I think Madonna is a whack job who follows the virtually occult like Kabbalah teachings, yet another teaching that's all for accepting all religions and beliefs - except Christianity of course. That's OK with me, but don't go dissing my belief in a artistic presentation where you can't be touched, if you're going to dis me, do it to my face and lets have a chat. But I digress.

Anyway, both shows were good. Heroes has potential and that's the one I'm going with for now. Studio 60 has good actors, I just don't know if I can hang in with the show premise for that long. Of course, there are a lot of "old friends" in the cast like Timothy Busfield (30 Something), the guy who played the younger brother on Wings and others, but I don't know if that can get me to hang around.

That's my take. What's yours?

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