Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Oh Lord. It was the office "holiday" party today. And no, don't get me off on that tangent we won't come back for a bit... But away.

By 9:45 I had my first lacewing chocolate chip cookie, then the cinnamon/sweet nuts, then the dark chocolate, then a more typical chocolate chip cookie. That was before lunch. Then we had our lunch (a nice cheese filled tortolini and Italian sausage) and I had a brownie (the thick kind, a bit spongy with pieces of dark chocolate in it) and another piece of dark chocolate.

Think I'm getting full yet? Not a chance. You'd think I hadn't eaten for a year.

So, there were also these other little tree shaped and star shaped pastry type treats. They weren't sweet though, they were really salty, but they had walnuts in them. Those were good with either the celery, carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes they had there. Good thing for those or my diet today would have soley consisted of sugar and white flower!

Back to the sweets...

Interspersed with the salty stuff, I mixed in another couple of chocolate chip cookies and two of these kind of puffy shapped chocolate cookies with coconut filling. OH YUM.


Wednesday I'm working from home. Good thing, I can't afford to gain another five pounds tomorrow!

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CyberGal said...

Thank heavens you haven't gotten TO spiritual! You really worried me when you posted about becoming "One Of Those People." Think of it as regaining balance - sounds better then gluttony! Most of the time, you eat good things, but every so often... the treats chased you through the office, like when a steak at The Marriott kidnaps my debit card!