Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Phone is Dead, Long Live the Phone

Well, the old phone finally died. The Samsung A500, the faithful old brick. Sure, it was hot in its day. Literally, about a day that it was near the top of the line. $300 bills - or more than what you'd pay for a Razor now. Geesh. Firmware that put it on par with an abacus with a graphic interface.

As you can see, it was pretty beat up. The last thing that finally killed it was the power interface. The pin just split the casing, it wouldn't take a charge.

You can't really see how badly I beat the thing up, it was really abused by the end. Kept falling out of my pocket and the like. Scratched, dinged. But, it was an OK looking phone - it just didn't have any functionality - like text messaging or anything like that. So, the phone is dead, long live the phone.

Now, the funny part is that the phone actually died on the LAST day of my contract with Sprint. So, it was time to go phone and phone service shopping!

To be continued...

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