Friday, December 30, 2005

The Phone is Dead... Part II

And so, we continue the saga...

But, before we do, I'm letting you know now that there is a Part III! Yup, I'm doing a trillogy! Not on purpose, but it is the way things happened! And now, back to our story.

So, the phone is dead and I need a new phone. It's 12/15. The next day I go out shopping with my beautiful bride Shanna. After a bit of chick shopping, she sit's up in the food court at the mall having ice cream, I start the process of finding a phone. I visit Veriozon, Sprint, T-Mobile (I didn't even bother with Cingular, I know the coverage sucks here around where I live something fierce) and start shopping the deals. And, I'm pretty motivated to get something with anyone other than Sprint which is the carrier that I've had for three or four years now.

So. Into the Verizon store. Right. What a couple of door stops. Here I am actively asking questions and this guy doesn't give me a lick more information than what I really pumped him for. Dolt. Next stop, Sprint.

I know, I didn't want to go with Sprint. BUT, I know Sprint phones are set for internet access - which is key to me. So, I start to talk. Look at the phones, etc. And, while I'm there, I find out that I'm eligible for the big discount on the phones. Hmmm. Interesting. So, upstairs I go to get Shanna. And back down we come.

Soooo, we look at phones. Shannie doesn't like any of them, none of the displays. And, unfortunately, Sarah (the girl I was talking to) is just too busy to talk to us. So, what do I do? Walk about 50 feet to T-Mobile just because I'm curious.

T-Mobile. Hmmm, all Motorola phones. That didn't thrill me. But then I start looking. There's one really nice phone. Hmm. Better deal on minutes in the family plan, text messages and internet access. Hmmm. So, with all that in mind, I go get Shanna who's still standing over at the Sprint kiosk and we scoot back to T-Mobile - because unbelievably Sarah is still busy. Well the phone looks cool. Shanna finds one that she likes. One hangup. I can't figure a way to access the web and enter a url - CRITICAL to me. I mean a real deal breaker. That and I'm concerned with T-Mobile's coverage too.

Back I go to Sprint. Sarah is finally available and she's brilliant at confirming that even though T-Mobile says there coverage is better - there will be issues which confirms my fears. True or not. She also solves the phone dilemma by coming up with a phone that Shann REALLY likes. Soooo... after all the dance, I'm back at Sprint with a phone I like (not love, that one was another $100) and Shan loves her phone. Coverage is good, I can access the web (as it turns out you can with T-Mobile too) via URL and we got a family plan that works OK for us.

So what phone did I get? A sweet one. The Sanyo MM-8300.

Camcorder, camera, special features on photos. Actually quite the nice phone - just missing some of the more geeky options that I wanted like an SD card and bluetooth. But, I've got 15 more days... who knows what will happen by then! ;-)

And then... about 4 days later... DISASTER

Watch for part III!


CyberGal said...

Oh NO! I really feel your pain. Since you got all that cool stuff, I've been toying with the idea of getting at least a still camera in a phone, but I need to see the actual working phone. The displays with the pictures aren't actual size. For me, I've got to be able to READ it, and no, I don't want one that talks to me! :-).

veronica said...

I'm in the market for a new phone! But I gotta wait for my Verizon contract to end... then it'll be GLORIOUS!