Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pregnant Women Denied US Travel - Go figure.

Heres an e-mail I just got from an associate in Australia.

"I'm having a baby in March and since the US isn't keen on having it born over there, they won't let me fly over to SF as of last week!"

So, as of Thanksgiving, this woman who owns her own business can't travel to do business in here in the States. Why, just because they don't want the baby born here and possibly become a US citizen? My word.

Geesh, State Department is pretty tough on pregnant travelers. Now if they would just do the same thing for the thousands of illegal aliens coming in over the Mexican border every month (that we pay health care for don’t you know – but I can’t get the same health care for less than $800-1000 a month...) that would be a better use of our money. Do you think?

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