Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Go to the Hip, take a Left

For all of you who avidly follow my blog posts (both of you ;-)) sorry I haven't posted anthing. Goodness knows enough stuff is going on. The problem was that I couldn't sit at my desk to type. Once again, my lower back or more acurately, my left hip went so far left it was almost on the left coast. And I live just outside Boston.

It was seemingly innocent actions - just playing with the kids. I was goofing off and picking up Bayley by her ankles and I just heard this POP. And then... PAIN. I've put out my back before. Lots of times. But this. Holy moley. I was in agony. I couldn't do anything. And I've even been completely layed up too. But with my hip out it was just realy outrageous. I've even had my shoulder separated (I've needed two surgeries to keep it in place) so I know pain, but yikes. Oh, OK. When I had the surgery I had a morphine drip - but that's different (and lovely I might add, it's easy to see how people get hooked on the stuff when they're in pain, I know that it was the only thing that touched the pain the first 3-4 days after the surgery).

So anyway, that's why I haven't been here. Thanks for stopping by though. Don't forget to check out the Metro Moment, got some good stuff coming up!


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CyberGal said...

MacPhilly: As kindly as I can, please don't continue to argue with your back. I have been there, argued and lost! Your mind might be all pumped up to do stuff, but your body is trying really hard to tell you to STOP! I didn't believe it either, until I hurt so much that while trying to read to a blind student, the 6's and the 9's looked the same, as they were both spinning! I pray you aren't that stubborn! Always in your corner.