Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Phone is Dead... Part III

So, as we rejoin our intrepid hero, he is joyfully using the new Sanyo cell phone with the camera, camcorder and decent web browser...

And so it went. I was taking pictures and movies of everything in sight. Hey, it's fun when you have a camcorder with you. That and I had pictures for all the people in my address book set up and everything. So, I decided that I finally needed to try out my car charger (being the phone was down a bar or so and I was heading into the office...


Ummm. Phone? Phone! PHONE! Nothing. Not a sausage. D.E.A.D dead. What the bleep is that about! I'm using the bloody charger that the people at the Sprint store gave me. Oh man. And I'm almost as fried as the phone was - and it was my last day of work and I was killing myself to finish a project. AUUUGHHHHHHH!

So, I got out of work about 9:30 or so, drove home and on my way past the mall that is only a mile from my house (tell me that isn't scary with four girls that can currently shop and one more on the way!), I took a right into the parking lot to go check it out. And for sure, it was fried. The guy at the store (the manager even) had no idea. Hadn't even seen it like that before! Of course. Only for me. :-p

The good news is that they gave me a new phone. No problems, here you go. The bad news was that I had to start populating all the damn phone book and pictures and the like all over again! ARRGGH! What a pain that is. Sigh. But I had a phone again and at least that made me relatively content (though I really want the EV-DO phone that is the next step up - but obviously while I'm unemployed I can't get that for another hundred bucks!)

So, there's the saga. Well, most of the saga, there is an epilogue... :)

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