Monday, January 09, 2006

The Phone is Dead... Epilogue: Monkey Call

So. It's the day after I've gotten my second new phone. I'm at the mall with the girls to do a last minute Christmas shopping for the fabulous Shanna and I decide to stop by the Sprint booth to get a couple of questions answered and get a cable they forgot to give me.

While I'm standing there my phone suddenly rings. Thing is, it's a private line and I've got no idea who might be calling me. So, I pick it up and do my best "official business like answer," and in reply I get this...


Voice: "Hello, may I speak with Phil?"

Me: This is Phillip, how may I help you.

Voice: Hello Phil, you've been sent a monkey call by Mark. Are you ready for your monkey call?"

Me: Ummm, sure, I guess.

Voice: Woooo, hooo, hoo, eee, eeee, (me: silly grin) ahh, ahh, ooo ooo (etc.).

Me: Stunned silence.

Voice: That was your monkey call. Did you enjoy it?

Me: (Still a bit dazed). Uh, yah, I guess so. It was a little bit hard to understand what he was saying, but yah.

Voice: Great. Have a good day.


Is that the most absurd thing you've heard today?

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emawkc said...

I LOVE monkey phone call. I'm sooo tempted to order that for my dad. He would love it!

Thanks for sharing.