Sunday, January 01, 2006

Whiter Brighter Teeth - Uncomfortably in Just 7 Days!

Yikes! Check out those blue covered teeth. As I type, that's what my mouth looks like. Man, I'm enjoying the cleaner, brighter teeth - BUT I'm not thrilled with this particular process.

Now, in fairness, this is the generic Target brand whitner not the more popular (and more expensive) Crest type. So, it isn't the nice easy clear lightweight strip, rather it's more of a mouth piece with gel alreay there and you kind of stick them on your teeth. Are they working? Yah, but it's 30 minutes twice a day. And my tounge tingles for a good bit afterwards from the whitening gel.

Still... my teeth do look nicer. My only regret is that I forgot the before pictures! So, now off to the sink to take the whitener off and hit the hay. Man I'm tired!

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