Saturday, April 29, 2006

Home Schooling Life

So, this is home schooling life. Once a year, along with my lovely bride, I'm off to the New England Home Schooling Convention held in Worcester, MA. Worcester is one of those cities that is now greatly maligned, but at one point, especially around the turn of the 20th century, it was a hub of industry and finance for central MA. It's also the home town of the father of American Rocketry - Robert Goddard, and has a couple of the country's best schools (Holy Cross and WPI). There's ton's of great old architecture and happily, has a couple of nice places to eat.

We stay at the Crowne Plaza which (with the exception of this year) has been one of my favorite places to stay. Oh, sure, I've stayed at some really nice hotels over the years as I travel. Some $650 a night joints in NYC, some beautiful suites on the ocean in Florida. But, with the exception of those just for sheer luxury, I always enjoy the Crowne because the bed is great, there is free wi-fi in the rooms and in the lobby and I like their bathroom amenties. Of course, the best part about it is that my lovely wife is always with me. :-)

This year was interesting once again because we had a baby with us - Sophie's first convention. It always makes the convention more interesting trying to juggle the schedule of a nursing infant with seminar sessions and the need to hit the convention floor to find the latest in cutting edge learning systems. Hey, we really do put in some time trying to find the best curriculum for the learning style and interests of the kids! And yes, I'm a BIG believer in home schooling and the longer we do it the more benefits I find in doing it. Maybe that will be another post!

Anyway, it was a great convention this year, cooler because someone that I became friends with last convention - Senior Gamache of La Clase Divertida (the fun class) - got to host a session. We're using his stuff to teach the girls Spanish and they're loving it.

If you've got kids (primarily pre-teen) and you want a great curriculum then you should check his stuff out. Worth EVERY cent!

Of course, now I'm home (no time last night to do this! we were too busy finding a place to eat, which we did, Moe's Southwestern Grill - and then I had to crash because we needed to get up and out to sessions in the morning. Ummm, but we really didn't get that done either! Sigh. Still, it was a great day. Lots of time to walk around in the center, lots of time to spend with my wifey. And, it was a day I didn't have to listen to my 3 year old (Chole) try to order the rest of us around. Yikes. She has a lot of great stuff inside her. A serious annointing. The tough part is getting through these years and raising her correctly so that she can be all the blessing she's supposed to be!

OK. Time for me to crash, church in the AM!

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CyberGal said...

Thank you for sharing this part of your life. I am glad to know you haven't left your kids at the mercy of the public school system where 2nd graders are being introduced to: "I Have Two Mommys"! I really enjoy reading your observations on paretning. I fight the results of bad parenting, while it looks like God is using you to stir up the good and healthy side of parenting.

I request you do more parenting posts. I'm curious how you explain the protesting illegal alians demanding amnisty/citizenship. As our culture sinks in the muck, you will get Repetative Stress Injury changing the channel! I plan on linking to you. I want my readers to see how it can be, it just feels good inside to know that not all parents have gone AWOL on their kids.