Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mandisa - The Best Idol to Ever Go Home Early

And it isn't even a contest. I don't really think anyone in the audience even believed it.

There were the no talent Bucky and pretty boy Ace, along with everyone's favorite ditzy blond Kelly Pickler with their FAR less capable butts planted in chairs in safety. Out on stage stood two of the most talented singers in this year competition, and probably in the top ten of all the 5 seasons. And, at the announcement there was nothing but boos, for a moment, then you could have heard a pin drop. Everyone was stunned. The judges, the other contestants, the audience. It was WRONG.

This girl should have been in the top 5 and maybe top 3. She brought it every week, performed brilliantly and had vocals to match.

Fracking Vote for the Worst dot com should be blown up. The moron (forgive me for my vitriol by the way) over there is doing his best to screw up the competition because he believes that it's controlled by Fox. It's so obviously not! Look at the results of the past seasons, even the first one, where Tamyra Grey was voted off before the final three when most people expected it to be her and Kelly Clarkson at the final. DOLTS!

And yes, I'm PISSED. I'm a singer. When I sing I work at it, I put my best into it. Just like these people on the show. And this dinkweed over at Vote for the Worst as his little way of playing demi-god is screwing with these peoples lives. You know what, it's not just wrong, it's immoral. How about if we go to his boss and just talk smack to him before the next review. See if we can cost him what he wanted, like a raise or promotion. Think he'd be so smug? No. He'd be barking mad - and he should be. But at the same time, he's totally screwed people out of their dreams because of his site and little band of malcontents that figure if they're miserable they should make these people that have put their all into the competition miserable too. Well done you complete GIT.

Mandisa, I love you honey. I'm SURE that you have standing in the center of your God's will for you and it will work out to the good! Jer. 29:11

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