Tuesday, April 18, 2006

South Beach for LA-LA Land

Well, I mentioned several posts back that I was FAT. Good news is that I'm now only fat. :-) And I feel so much better. I can actually almost get my top button buttoned! Which was needed because I can't go out and buy lots of new clothes right now.

I've been doing South Beach diet - which I didn't find terribly restrictive even in the first phase. Basically, I had to cut out all starchy carbs and hi glycemic index fruits and veggies. The worst part of that was not being able to have my oatmeal for breakfast. I really like having oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast. But... now in phase 2 I can again! Ye ha! Phase 2 is really pretty much how I used to eat when I was eating healthily anyway so this isn't really a stretch.

The hardest thing is not having a lot to drink. Alas, I love cola. I don't drink the regular stuff because of the high fructose corn syrup. Nasty stuff. Unfortunately, now with recent information on Sucralose (Splenda), we find that it is also just as nasty. So, there go my cola options. And, even if I were to go to Mexico and get the REAL Coca Cola made with cane sugar (which is SOOOOOOOOO much better) I still couldn't DRINK it because it has sugar. Sigh.

Of course, I can still drink as much water as I want. I can still have green tea. I use Stivia as a sweetener - which is really good, is all natural, doesn't cause your insulin to spike. Now in phase 2 I can also have real whole grain products (not the crappy stuff that you get in the grocery store that claims to be made from wheat that is nothing but whole wheat that is highly processed, colored and infused with high fructose corn syrup) and most of the fruits and veggies that I like.

OH YAH - LA. Looks like I'm going on a business trip to LA. So, it's a good thing that I'm on a diet. To be in the plastic surgery capital of the world and not be in decent shape would be awful. And even better, since I am working out again, I won't be terribly embarrased to wear a t-shirt. At least not too much ;-). But I'll be going out there a good bit over the next 2 months, so I'll be able to get down to fighting weight by the end I imagine.

To wrap, I guess I'm making some progress. I've lost at least an inch and a quarter off my waist. My face looks thinner (which I was really surprised at because usually at this weight I think it looks pretty chubby!) Most importantly, because of phase one I'm out of that terrible chocolate chip cookie craving that I was suffering from (what do Chips Ahoy put in those cookies? I swear, the stuff is the food version of crack), and I feel WAY better. So, we soldier on!

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