Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Microserfs = Waist of Time

OK. So the first and only book I ever finished reading (because I'm a completest), then walked to the trash can and threw out was The Bretheren, written by John Grisham. Not that it wasn't fairly well constructed, but it was completely useless.

The second was this one, Microserfs, which I didn't even really finish reading, I just skipped to the back to see if there was any interesting thread that I could pick up that might make it worth while to go back and finish for. NOTHING. A complete waist of my time.

I guess I'm fairly unusual in this. Seems that the author sold enough of these to get a deal for another book that he's releasing now called Jpod. Gracious, if it's this bad I'll use it before my next dentist appointment and save on the drugs. Great concept for this book, but OH, the writing was SOOOOO bad! And still, it could have been sooooo good. If you've seen the IT Crowd, imagine that, except for completely not funny or interesting. There you go. And there it went - straight back to the library. For once I was actually happy I DIDN'T buy a book.

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