Saturday, April 15, 2006


This is it. This is the BIG one. THE holy day of holidays, the day which without - the other holy days and/or holidays wouldn't make a difference.

This is Easter - the day that Jesus, fully man and fully God, rose from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit and defeated death and hell. There it is: game, set and match.

Without this day, Christmas is just Saturnalia - the ancient Roman winter holiday where they gave gifts. Without this day nobody would have cared enough to note the life of an obscure Jewish Rabbi, born in an obscure town who actually claimed to forgive sins and have life in himself. Actually, they would have thought he was a lunatic... but, then this day happened.

So, my question to you reader is, do you know Him? This nondescript rabbi (he was said to have no form that would make him out of the ordinary - he wasn't a rock star looks wise) who healed the lame, gave the blind sight and even raised people from the dead. Do you know him? He's still alive. His life is imprinted across almost everything in our modern world. His message - LOVE - is the most progressive and most needed solution that our digital age desires.

This is the day. Easter. This is the day that Jesus set his stamp for all humanity to see. Tell you what, take a look at what he had to say. Don't just take the word of someone that doesn't know him or thinks they're too smart or rich or poor or miserable or WHATEVER about what he is like. Find out. Don't just look at the Christian church - they (including me) are just other people as flawed as yourself that have found out who HE is and are trying to allow his power to work through them. But, they're all just people who are taking it day by day. Find out about him. Read his book. Heck, just read a couple of chapters - and make them the ones that have all the red print in them - his words. Words of life. Words of liberty. Words of salvation - and who doesn't need to be saved from something?

This is the day, rejoice and be glad in it. JESUS is RISEN!

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