Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Actually - I'm late. My birthday is 10/10 - and a wonderful birthday it is. And this year was pretty great too.

The first reason it was great is because I didn't do anything. A day of strictly R & R. No blogging, no podcasting, no work, no work on my own project. Nothing. I watched the special features of the girls new Robots video, and watched the movie afterwards. I took a 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day. I worked out, I went out to dinner with the girls (all the girls) - and my wife even picked up the check :) (that's a joke, it's a single income home so it doesn't matter who pays...)

So, this year I'm 45. And, the day I turned 45 almost my first thought was - OH MY WORD, in five years I'll be FIFTY! AUUUGGGH. I can't be that old! And granted, I don't look that old. I certainly don't act that old. My kids are young, I have a baby on the way for March of 2006 and my bride is 10 years younger too. But - there's the reality. FIVE years and I'll be getting the AARP mailers, going for early bird discounts and crusing the Polident aisle. Unreal. And my baby will be going into pre-school. Man, that's strange. And people wonder why I work out so much - are you kidding? I guess it's just my desire to be able to bend over and grab the little ones before they run out into traffic or something.

So. Happy 45th Birthday to me. It's great being 45. Who knows, maybe someday I'll act it too.

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