Monday, October 03, 2005

CyberGal to the Rescue - The Perfect Metro Daddy Party

You're kidding me. People actually read my blog? And not just but even this one? Shut up!

But still, I guess CyberGal does because she sent me an e-mail and blasted me for not posting. Well exxxxcuuuuuussseeeee ME!

So fine. I've been busy. You know, sometimes it's a real pain trying to be a daddy, get in shape (with my 45th birthday barely 7 days away), be a husband, friend, good employee and entrepreneur - and still have time to blog. But fine, I'm here CyberGal, you win this time.

So, yesterday, my 10 year old had her birthday party. Finally. It only took into the next month to make it happen - and that story is way to long but not very interesting to tell. Still, it was a great party concept, especially for me. It was a spa party. All Halle's friends came over, then the Mrs. and our assistant Brittany treated all the young ladies to manicures, tattoos and a lovely parting gift of their own custom made spa package of scents, shampoo and bubble bath.

Why is this the perfect party for me? Well, how many other dads that you know could have actually discussed the proper way to file their nails? Hmm? But, I am metro daddy after all! Gosh, what will I do if this fourth baby turns out to be a boy?

Well, that's all for now. See you soon - MAYBE. No promises!

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