Friday, October 21, 2005

Think Pink

Well, the news is finally in, the word from the sonogram has come forth. I'm a daddy again - of a forth girl.

A lot of folks have asked how I feel about that. I'm thrilled. A lot of folks have asked if we're going to try for a fifth - you know - go for that boy. No. Not a chance. That wasn't why we were having the fourth. Besides, I don't know that I could handle a fifth kid.

Right now my current kid lineup is this. The oldest, my beauty girl - Darth Smarmious. The second, my drama queen, Darth Impetious (hey, I never said I would spell check). Third, my little force of nature - Hurricane Chloe. To that august lineup we'll be adding the fourth baby as the cleanup hitter. Oh man. I can only imagine.

Chloe is my youngest - but she's the one in charge - and make no mistake about it. Halle's the oldest, and she's a great kid and the prototype of the compliant first born. She's concienitous and responsible. Chloe is the youngest, but because she's 5 years younger than her next sybling, she is essentially a first born as well. But she isn't a compliant one. She's two and she trys to run the whole house. Unfortunately for her (really, in the long run fortunately, but for now we keep foiling her plans) she has two parents that are functional first borns - one of which (me) is also not compliant. Alas, in a test of wills, Chloe is going up agains way to much experience ;) Still, this kid is just one special piece of work! And I can only imagine what it is going to be like for her baby sister.

You see, Halle was great with Bayley. Bayley was able to learn to deal with Chloe, primarily because she's just not an aggressive kid -she's a cuddle bug. Chloe - not so much. New Z #4 is going to be in for a rough go. I know in Chloe's mind she's going to be saying INTERLOPER! HOW DARE YOU IMPINGE ON MY KINGDOM! I'm fully expecting their relationship to be a bit like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. In a loving kind of way. :)

Well, time for some rest. I need to get some sleep in now, I'm sure I won't be getting much in about 5 months! And no, that's not because the baby will be up, that's because I'll be up doing guard duty to protect the baby from her big sister.

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