Friday, November 25, 2005

Hello Pain

You know, I was feeling really great Tuesday morning. Woke up, thought "wow! my back isn't even giving me a twinge! So, I got up, went down stairs, worked out (good work out too!). Upstairs, had breakfast. Down stairs to check my email. Sit, turn to my left with my right arm reaching across my body... PAIN. new realms of pain. What did I do? I seemed to have dislocated several ribs. Lovely. Problem was that I couldn't breathe.

Unfortunately, it didn't make any difference if I could breathe or not, I had to go into the office. Three meetings, no way to dodge them. So, I went in. I managed to struggle through the meetings. Mind you, I'm carrying two computers, I can't walk. All the muscles on the right side of my back are in spasm. Frankly, it hurt to breathe, never mind bend, twist, pick up weight, take notes - whatever. And, I also had meetings in two completely different buildings that were not on the same campus. Lovely.

So, I made it. Went to the Chiro. Snap, crackle, pop. My LORD, I'm still in pain. Unfortunately, I have a presentation in the morning that I have to go to. Beautiful. I'm up till 3:00. Get up, oh yah, still in pain. Hustle as much as I can, get to my meeting. Goes pretty well. To chiro again. Snap, crackle, pop. OK. Still in pain, but not quite as bad. Later in the day (Wednesday), I still have to go home, sit in front of a comptuer and bang out the rest of a deliverable. Ready for bed - still in pain.

Thursday morning. Thanksgiving Day. And, I'm giving thanks. I can see, I have a great family, I've got a good contract, my mind works, we have a home. Unfortunately - I'm still in pain. Like it hurts to eat pain. A nap helps, but everything still hurts. The food however, was incredible. Great job Shannie and to my brother and sister-in-law that always make the Thanksgiving Day feast our special occasion with wonderful sweet potato stuffed granny apples and home made cranberry sorbet. Shannie delivered in her usual marvelous fashion - the turkey was awesome (though I didn't do a single thing this year, except wash the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom!), the stuffing was great (stuffing type stuff, celery, onions, chicken sausage, crasins - and secret other ingredients) and her famous spinach, artichoke and cheese recipe. Oh - YUM. Oh yah, pie. :) With so much good food, I almost forgot the pain. Oh, we also broke out some special coffee that my brother had sent to me special. I saved it for the occasion. It's this incredible Blue Mountain Jamcian (I believe) coffee. Holy coffee beans. The only other coffee that I've ever had that was in the same ball park is real Kona coffee that you can only get when you're in Hawaii. Totally smooth. Lovely body. No bite. It was worth actually having coffee for the first time in a long time!

Friday - I attempt to get out of bed - SPASM! I begin to wonder... will I ever not feel this pain? Mellow day, not too much time at the computer - then out with the wife. I realize as I'm walking that my spine is so rotated that I'm walking like a car that is out of alignment. It's so bad that it's actually throwing off my balance - something I'm certainly not used to because typically my balance is great and my feet are very nimble. I feel like a plodding, tipsy old clutz. Of course, being that it is the Friday after the holiday - NO ONE is open do deal with my back - my only choice is to hang in until Monday. Lord help me, I have two full days to go. Work to do Saturday, church on Sunday morning, birthday party Sunday afternoon.

Ah. Hello pain. I'll look forward to saying good bye!

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