Saturday, November 05, 2005

I've become one of THOSE people.

Yah. Really and officially. Though even my wife doesn't think it's true. What do I mean?


* I eat pretty much all whole foods
* I drink green tea (mostly decaf)
* I drink Soy milk (low fat when available)
* I've ordered a Soy Chai Latte (instead of coffee) at Starbucks - more than once.
* I use an all natural toothpaste
* I prefer homiopathic remedies when they can be found to most modern western medicine
* I do Yoga to stretch (though I don't buy into the rest as you know if you've been reading the blog)
* I do Chinese Long Life exercises in the morning to wake up
* I am a groopie for a computing platform that is cool, edgy and technilogically leading edge - but doesn't always play with the rest of the computing world (Apple), and
* I drive an older car (8 years old) of the type that I prefer (BMW) rather than spend the money on a new car - and I'm in the car club.

Yup. I've become one of THOSE people. What about you?

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CyberGal said...

Because I mis-used the alternative Health movement, I almost died. Everything you're into is great. I love brown rice - which dragged down my colestoral (don't know how to even attempt proper spelling HDL & LDL.) But, if something starts to go wrong in your body, or mind, PLEASE, give your doctors a chance, before you run to Mexico, or some other odd-ball clinic to be relieved of your money and not your condition.